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SPIRIT and HIGH SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS for cheer, booster and band organizations. We provide cheer leading pom poms and high school fundraising products. Our sports fundraising ideas include the most popular selling items as candy poms, pom poms, rooter stick pom poms, megaphones and foam hands. Our Candy Pom is the most innovative high school fundraisers for clubs that are looking for something new, exciting & easy to sell. Rooter stick pom poms are made of the highest quality materials at the lowest possible price. Call them Rooter Poms or Shaker Poms or Stick Poms, we have them all.

Showing team spirit requires team spirit items and cheerleading supplies such as rooter stick pom poms and candy poms. High school fundraisers work hand in hand with school spirit products and spirit items. What could add more school spirit and excitement to this scene, we know the answer...POMPOMS that are:

Above industry standards

Cheer and Chomp has become a great high school fundraiser in the cheerleading market for its introduction of the special Candy Filled Pompoms. The candy pompoms can be found in a variety of colors, and styles and you have the option of choosing from five different candy fillings. Our Candy Filled Pompoms are easily assembled and there's no need to worry about them falling apart as they are very strongly built making them even more fun to use! These are the only pompoms that provide a double home run! Spirit and energy combined in one fun to sell high school fundraising idea. Your high school fundraisers will surely continue long after the game! These Candy Filled Pompoms are rated number one as the newest school spirit product to reach the market...the perfect fundraising idea for schools! They're also great to give as gifts to team members and as favors at parties or game nights.

Quality  A+   Service  A+   Price  A+

If you are looking for a high school fundraiser with high quality pom poms that are as good an accessory as they are an energy booster... Cheer and Chomp has what you need! We can also provide rooter poms, paddle handle poms, megaphones and foam hand mitts in any quantity or color you may need. Contact Cheer and Chomp today!


When you need to raise money for a great cause or just want a way for you and your friends to show your support, there aren´t many better ways to do it than with promotional gifts. In order to do something for a good cause, you need a place that you can get great gifts that are durable but also inexpensive, letting you give more back to people in need.

Our supplies of pompoms, foam mitts, and megaphones aren´t just great to hand out. They also can be customized with a variety of colors and phrases. Put your team name on a megaphone or your team colors on a pair of pompoms and show up to your next sporting event in style!

Discount PomPomsTo Get The Party Started
We stock a pompom for every type of event. For team events, our rooter stick pompom is your best choice. Not only can you find a rooter pompom in every color, but you can make your own color combinations for your event and pass them out to all of your friends.

For a special event, like football fundraising or another school fundraiser, our wide variety of candy pompoms will have people cheering for more. They will easily sell out at any booster club fundraiser and can be purchased with a variety of candies, so that you can give your fans exactly what they want. Not only are the candy poms a great choice, but they are also inexpensive, meaning that you are able to give more of the proceeds to your school or club.

For a more durable cheerleader pompom, you can find great solid handle spirit pompoms that will last for longer and can be customized with artwork on the handle. You can even use our pink pompoms for a bridal shower or bachelorette party gift!

Cheerleading MegaphonesFor Every Event
Our cheerleading megaphone is a great choice for any time that you need to be able to show your support above the roar of a crowd. Not only are they incredibly durable and fun, but by adding a cap to your megaphone, you can turn it into a great souvenir popcorn holder.

Sell our cheerleading megaphones at your next home game for a school or band fundraiser and bring in more money than you ever thought possible!

Foam Hands In A Variety Of Colors For Every Team
We offer a variety of colorful foam hands for every team´s colors. Whether you are passing them out at a game or you want some for your friends to go to watch your favorite professional team play, save some money and have a great time by using a quality foam hand from Cheer and Chomp.

Perfect For Fundraisers Or As Spirit Items

Show your spirit today! Our items are perfect for cheer fundraising: everything from our stick pompoms to our foam hands can be customized to meet your needs. Buy a variety of items for your next cheer fundraiser and really give your fans something great to cheer about!

If you need ideas, our cheap pompoms and cheer pompoms give you two great ways to show your enthusiasm for your team. Use the cheer pompoms for you and your friends and sell any of our other pompoms to raise money for a good cause!

Spirit Fundraising Has Never Been Easier Than With Cheer and Chomp
What are you waiting for? Get your incredible spirit items today and join in the fun. Whether you are raising money or just want to show off your school spirit, Cheer and Chomp has the discount spirit items that you need to have a great time!

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